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Welcome to Neuro-Rhythm


Neuro-Rhythm LLC offers online and in-person services to individuals looking to improve their general health and well-being by applying self-awareness and its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

A sustainable and substantial process of learning for every being follows specific characteristics to accurately record information for a person to effectively apply in daily life.

Decision-making, cognitive awareness, multitasking, attention, concentration, working memory, emotional intelligence, and other mental skills require constant and progressive mental training. 

We strive to provide a functional academic and structured program while applying a smooth transition of lessons for the learner to accept, process and finally implement cognitive information. 

First Steps

Personal Welcome

"Self-awareness is a privilege of human beings"

Neuro-Rhytmn family is happy to have you here.  Times, community, science, and access to information are constantly changing. Having the tools to develop rational understanding and thinking becomes critical in order to maintain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Every behavior is a result of a compilation of many factors, one of which is cognition. The modification of the dynamics of the behavior under proper analysis guarantees the individual safety and well-being. 

This platform offers limited free samples in different programs for you to initiate your learning journey. Feel free to navigate the three major sections for Physical, Mental & Emotional, and Spiritual tools. For any other inquiries or group training please complete the form below.

Other apps

The material is provided in two additional formats: *.pptx (PowerPoint) to receive each program's instructions and contents; and the online platform BoomCards (link below to create a free account). 

BoomCards facilitates a dynamic interaction through activities and games to improve the memory and recall of the learner.

Symbols Legend

Photographic memory is a powerful characteristic of the human mind. Each program within the Physical, Mental & Emotional, and Spiritual sections contains a sort of icon that represents access to a specific tool.

Please find below their description and interpretation:

  • Icon-COG.fw

Cognitive Program

  • Icon-Deck.fw

Interactive BoomCard

  • Icon-GAM.fw

Game & Play

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